Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Leftover Stuff From NACRA Tour

Kurt likes to sneak up on players just when they are at their silliest. Here Rachel Ryan is the victim of of another edition of "Kurt's Kandid Kamera".

It’s hot. Temps have been in the mid 90’s and it’s tolerable when there are clouds but it’s incredibly hot when the sun is out. Humidity is high so you are soaked in sweat on the short walk to practice.

Jeff is having to do way more laundry than normal as there is no wearing the practice jerseys, t shirts, polos, etc for a second day.

The buses here are a hoot. They are tiny but hold 30 people. We charter one to get back and forth to the Winton Rugby Center that is about fifteen miles away on the other side of the island. The bus looks like crap on the outside and the inside is almost third world with these strange fold down seats that fill the aisle.......but the sound system is amazing. It's like owning a $1,000 Yugo with a $2,000 sound system. The driver plugs in his ipod and will let the players choose songs. The sound is crisp and the bass is deep, deep, dadada, deep. Makes for fun trips as the players sing to everything.

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