Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NACRA Championships Day 5

Today was a free day for the players. A large group opted to spend the day on a trip out to a reef for some snorkeling and came back with reports of seeing stingray and barracuda. A smaller group went shopping in downtown Nassau and bought some small items while avoiding the Gucci/Coach/Louis Vuitton knockoffs. Market was incredibly tight with just a few feet between the rows of stalls. Lot’s of venders with great patter to get you to stop and shop and one tried to lure Kurt in by asking if he would like to “take something home to the wifey”.

Several players went to the beach across from the hotel. K.J.‘s second sport is diving so she took the opportunity to teach the local boys how to do inward dives off a cement pier (coach’s note: Aarrrggghhhh!) .......and I’m glad to report that there were no injuries.

Dinner tonight was at the Hard Rock Cafe and fajitas were the most popular choice on the menu. Rachel Ryan did a little dance for everyone and the video should be posted tomorrow. We had a video session tonight followed by cake and ice cream to celebrate Brit O’Brien’s 20th birthday. Overall it was a really fun day that I made sound boring as I’m incredibly tired and unable to string two sentences together.

Before I go to bed here is a message to our Women Eagles who kick off their World Cup on Friday against Kazakhstan.


  1. Thank you so much!!! Loved it! Good luck to you, too! Claudia

  2. Nice! Go USA Women - U20s and Seniors!!