Saturday, August 14, 2010

NACRA Championships Day 1

NACRA Championships Day 1

Not the easiest first day with flight delays, tropical storms and stores that close at 6pm but we let it roll off us like the rain. Nicole (our physio) got stuck in Miami for the night and will be here bright and early in the morning. Most of the players made it in but Bui Baravilala couldn’t get on her flight in Hawaii and will be with us tomorrow and fingers crossed will make it for the afternoon practice. A huge rain storm resulted in a delay at the Nassau airport as none of the luggage could be unloaded off the planes for almost an hour. Coach Barth arrived with the Denver based players and 400 lbs of luggage containing the shirts, socks, shorts, bags, polos, training jerseys, gatorade, etc, etc, and they were allowed to walk through customs without a single question despite looking like pack mules. Try that at O’Hare or JFK.

We are staying at the El Greco Hotel. It’s not on the luxury resort end of the scale but it’s got character and the staff are friendly and very helpful. We have two practices tomorrow that will allow us to work though some combinations. First team for the first game will be announced tomorrow evening.

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