Saturday, July 16, 2011

USA U20 WNT Wins U20 Nations Cup Opener.

Nations Cup day 4, game day 1.

First game and we started with s solid 27 – 3 win against the South Africa U20’s.

We had a gentle run through this morning and while there were some problems still to resolve the team looked ready for this evenings game. The great upside to a half pace, non-contact run through was that the couple of players with injuries were able to rejoin their teammates in practice. It was good to have all twenty-six back on the field together.

Middle of the day involved lunch, nap, taping, snack and pre game ritual.

Game – We knew that the South Africans would contest the breakdown in a way that was unfamiliar to most American players and this difference turned out to be a contributing factor in the outcome of the game. Early in the first half South Africa gave away penalties for hands in the ruck and were let off as Meya Bizer pushed both just wide. South Africa got on the score sheet first with a penalty by their very talented fullback Marithy Pienaar but this would be their only score of the day. Meya Bizer kicked a penalty to tie the game at 3-3 after repeated infractions at the break down by South Africa resulted in one of many yellow cards on the day. The USA forwards began to dominate all phases of play and this resulted in tries for Haley Anderson and Alycia Washington. Half time score USA 13 South Africa 3.
Early in the second half a South African player picked up a second yellow card that then brought out a red card from the referee. The USA got two tries from Amy Naber and Brittany Larson with both converted by Meya Bizer. Final score USA 27 South Africa 3.

USA U20 WNT v South Africa U20’s.

1. Dorothy Mittow Princeton
2. Jennifer Sandifer Navy
3. Monica Jackson Cougar Women’s Rugby
4. Alycia Washington U of Connecticut
5. Grace Hovde U of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
6. Mackenzie Lewis Mesa State College
7. Amee Svatos Canby, OR
8. Kathryn Johnson U of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (C)
9. Haley Anderson Summit, CO
10. Miranda Wakimoto Boston University
11. Alexandra Brown Radcliffe
12. Akalaini Baravilala Aliamanu Blues
13. Amy Naber U of Arizona
14. Ashley Okonta Notre Dame
15. Amelia Bizer Woodlands, TX

16. Colleen Carey U of Colorado
17. Brittany Larson Kent, WA
18. Kathryn Humphreys Central Washington
19. Kimberly La Mons Fallbrook, CA
20. Kyandrea Mcknight U of Central Florida
21. Joanne Fa'avesi Sacramento Amazons, CA
22. Jacie Vonada South Dakota State

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