Sunday, July 17, 2011

U20 Nations Cup - Day 6

The team had a good morning practice as we worked through some issues from Thursday’s game. The afternoon session seemed to get bogged down for both the forwards and the backs as some new combinations and ideas seemed to slow the process. The coaches felt better at the end of the session and I think we’ve selected a very good side for the game against England.

Coaches had some talks with players ahead of the team meeting and Jersey Ceremony. It’s a tough situation when you have twenty-six talented players and only twenty-two jerseys. It’s hard to tell four players that they won’t play in an international against England. Only six players retain their starting spot from the game against South Africa as the coaches try some new combinations.

USA U20 WNT v England U20’s.

1. Colleen Carey U of Colorado
2. Jennifer Sandifer Navy
3. Kimberly La Mons Fallbrook, CA
4. Grace Hovde U of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
5. Kiana Saluni Oregon State
6. Chloe Harper U of North Georgia
7. Amee Svatos Canby, OR
8. Kathryn Johnson U of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
9. Joanne Fa'avesi Sacramento Amazons, CA
10. Allyson Day Portland, ME
11. Kayla Vlachos Jupiter, FL
12. Akalaini Baravilala Aliamanu Blues
13. Kyandrea Mcknight U of Central Florida
14. Jacie Vonada South Dakota State
15. Amelia Bizer Woodlands, TX

16. Dorothy Mittow Princeton
17. Alycia Washington U of Connecticut
18. Brittany Larson Kent, WA
19. Kathryn Humphreys Central Washington
20. Haley Anderson Summit, CO
21. Amy Naber U of Arizona
22. Alexandra Brown Radcliffe

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