Thursday, July 14, 2011

U20 Nations Cup Day 1-2

Sorry this is a recap of the first two days but there has been little time and I confess that I've chosen sleep over writing the blog. It's 1:30 am California time and this is the first chance I've had to get you all caught up.

Monday. Travel days are always tough. Kayla got bumped from her flight and instead of getting into LAX in the morning she didn't arrive until Midnight. This meant Jeff had to make another trip back to Los Angeles and they got back to SB around 2am. We had another wayward player who missed the evening practice because of bad planning and this resulted in a chat from the Captains. Evening practice was good. Shook off the cobwebs and worked on integrating the players who missed the Pittsburgh camp into the new players. Squad feels very cohesive.

Tuesday. Injury day. Lost three players to injury on the first day. One ankle sprain, one hand stepped on and a freak cut knee that needed stitches. Nothing that has ended anyone's tour and they should all be good to go by the game against England on Sunday.

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