Sunday, September 4, 2011

South U19 Camp Announced

2011 South U19 All-Star Tryout and Camp 

Who: Female rugby players born on after September 1, 1991. This includes members of high-school, college, and club teams that meet the age requirement. We HIGHLY encourage college and club teams to recommend this program to their high-performing players. All players must be CIPP and have health insurance to participate. 

What: Tryout and camp. Open to all high-performing athletes. In addition, we are interested in development of those athletes who are within a year of being your high-performing athletes. 

Where: Cedar Grove Elementary School, Atlanta GA When: October 8/9, 2011

How: Start communicating about this program with your parents, administrators, coaches, and players so they can begin making plans to attend. 

Cost $50. Pay ahead of time via PayPal and be on my 'good' list. Send to You can also bring the money to camp. Cash or check, but rubber checks not appreciated. Lunches, snacks, and beverages are provided. There may be a social event Saturday evening (dinner, movie, ?) so plan accordingly

You must be CIPP registered to participate. Renew your membership Click on Membership. 

Bring to camp: Liability Waiver: Player Profile Form: USARS 2011 Player Profile Form Dark jersey Light jersey Personal water bottle Running shoes Mouthguard, scrum cap, boots, and any other rugby specific gear Rugby shorts 

Do NOT forget to bring your paperwork. It must must must be signed by a parent/guardian if you are under 18!!! If you want to scan and send to ahead of time that is wonderful.

1. Liability Waiver:

2. Profile Form:

The USA South U19 Select Side will participate in the 2011 Women’s U19 Invitational National All-Star Championships to be held in Forth Lauderdale on November 19th/20th 2011

South U19 Program Staff 
Head Coach: Eric Keys 
Assistant Coaches: Kris Graziano and Jay Hawkins 
Team Manager: Nancy Campbell Team 
Trainer: Lisa O’Donnell

For more information contact Nancy Campbell

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