Thursday, August 11, 2011

U20 Nations Cup Round Up

Sorry it took three weeks to get this done. The U20 Nations Cup ended in a loss for the USA U20 WNT but they left with heads held high. Down 0-31 to England and with the loss of their Captain, Katie Johnson, the U20 rallied in the second half to score a try and two penalties to make the final 11-48. Still not pretty but the 11-17 second half was the best performance we've had against England. Small steps.

We took twenty Six players to Santa Barbara and amazingly we had all twenty six available for the final. This was the first tour that we had every player healthy at the end of the assembly and this was due to the incredible work of our team Physio, Carmela deLuna, She worked long hours keeping the players held together with anything at hand.

Food - Let's say that the cafeteria didn't serve up the food of champions. Every team had to subsidize their meals with trips to the grocery store.

Off Days - Watching sea lions in Santa Barbara, time with parents and friends, visiting the wheelchair rugby players, petting baby sharks, going to the Harry Potter movie and any meal that wasn't in the cafeteria.

Kit swap - It's a tradition that the players bring all their extra kit and after the last game the players swap kit with the other teams. This was one of the best. England had great rain gear and fleeces, the South Africans had backpacks that became the most sought after item. We had the least amount of kit as we didn't get much for the event but everyone was able to haggle and got some good stuff.

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